Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RHCP fans didn't like Kiedis singing "The Victors"

Note to Evil Empire fans. Get a sense of humor. Comments to the Dispatch's review of the Red Hot Chili Peppers show were negative to Kiedis' singing of The Victors.

Great column on why OSU may not deserve no. 1 ranking.

Why Ohio State Might Not Be No. 1

Some of his reasons:

The offense has only faced two defenses with a pulse

Poor run defense - NIU’s Garrett Wolfe ran for 171 yards against OSU in the opener. Texas, who for some reason abandoned the ground game in the 24-7 loss in September, rumbled for 172, and Penn State’s Tony Hunt ran for 135 yards.

The Texas and Iowa wins might not have been that great

They haven't faced a decent quarterback

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Sings The Victors

I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers this evening playing at the Schottenstein Center on the campus of the ohio state university. It was a great show. Here's a few highlights:

  • Flea tells the Buckeye crowd that they "better watch out for the Wolverines"
  • Drummer Chad Smith, who grew up in Michigan, comes out at the beginning of the encore with a maize shirt with a blue block "M" on his chest
  • Anthony Kiedis then comes out and sings the second verse of "The Victors"

Predictably, the Buckeyes in the audience booed them.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Big Game

Reader's Digest is selling a print of "The Big Game" by C.F. Payne. Regardless of what side you support, it looks like a nice buy.

Michigan's Offensive Output

It is true that Michigan was withouth Mario Manningham, Tyler Ecker, Mike Massey and Rueben Riley.

But New Hampshire put 34 points on the Mildcats. The following teams also scored significant points on lowly Northwestern: Nevada 31; Penn State 33; Wisconsin 41; Purdue 31; and Michigan State 41.

Seventeen points when you get five turnovers from the opposition isn't going to get it in November against the Buckeyes.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Minnesota puts nice smack on Roy Small

That should make the highlight reel. Expect more of the same from Michigan.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Arrington Charged

Okay, I admit it. I'm the first one to relish news of OSU player's legal problems. I'm disappointed to read about Arrington's recent domestic violence charge. I know we're all innocent until proven guilty, and his girlfriend says she didn't want to press charges. But damn, we're in the middle of a title hunt here. Oh well. I hope everything goes well for him Nov. 1. I expect he'll get off the charges as the girlfriend was the only witness and it sounds like she'll be a friendly witness. However, he'll probably be suspended for a game or two. Hope it's against one of the three patsies UM has up coming.


Lloyd Carr states that the facts do not support the allegations and stands by Arrington.

Monday, October 23, 2006

OSU vs. Michigan predictions

 Ohio State will crush Michigan this year. Michigan will get some points, even going up by 10 in the first quarter, but once OSU's defense adjusts to what they are doing, they won't be able to do anything consistently from then on. 

   Michigan's defense, while good, will not be good enough. OSU has too many weapons and as Kirk Ferentz aptly put it:  "It's pick your poison time against those guys." Michigan will sneak in one last touchdown on a busted play after scoring their first ten points, but that will be it.

   OSU will enjoy good field position all day because Michigan cannot afford to kick it to Ginn.

   The score will be OSU 34, Michigan 17. Calls for Lloyd Carr's head will again rebound around Ann Arbor.

   That hot air expelled, my ideal game scenario will be OSU and Michigan as the only undefeated teams going into The Game. The temperature at The Game will be 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the game will be played in a blinding snow storm, and OSU will win 5 to 3. This will make everyone wonder what a "real" game would have been like, and Michigan will be selected to play OSU out in the Fiesta Bowl for the National Championship.

Very truly yours,

Eric E. Willison

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Gold Phone

This is circulating among Michigan fans. Don't know who wrote it, but it's pretty much on point. Ann Arbor is God's country

A highly recruited high school football player was visiting schools to try and find the best college for him. His first stop wasat Miami. When he got there, Larry Coker immediately picked up a golden telephone. After talking several minutes, he said, "Thank you, God" and hung up.

This shocked the young man. He asked the coach what was so special about the golden phone. "Well, this phone is a direct line to God. And God tells us whether or not new recruits would be stars at our university. The athlete asked if he could use the phone toask God what college he should pick "Sure, you can! But it's going to cost you $1,000. Calling Heaven ain't cheap."

The fellow didn't have that kind of money, so he moved along.

His next stop was Ohio. Upon entering Tressel's office, Coach Tressel immediately picked up a golden telephone. After talking several minutes, he said, "Thank you, God" and hung up. ! The boy said, "Hey, I've seen those phones before. Can I use yours to call God and ask what college I should pick?" Tressel said, "Sure, but it's going to cost you $750. Calling Heaven isn't cheap.."

Again, not having that kind of money, the lad left.

His last stop was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Upon arrival at the office, Coach Carr picked up a golden telephone, talked to God, and said, "Thanks," and hung up. The boy just had to use that phone, so he said, "Coach, I really need to use that golden telephone soI can call God and ask him which college I should choose. From Florida it was going to cost me $1000. From Ohio they wanted $750.

So how much will it cost me to call Heaven from here in Ann Arbor?" The coach smiled and said, "Nothing, son. It's a local call."

Football is a game of match ups. But as the Pro Michigan posters above illustrate, some people don't understand what should be compared to what.

Mr. Borromeo has gone on record to opine that Michigan's receivers are better than OSU's. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. Some people are of the opinion that the world is flat.

But the question is not whose receivers are better, but how well they match up to the defensive secondary of the other team. Most of Manningham's tds have come when he got behind the corner. OSU's corners will be able to keep up.

Another function of how well a team's receivers play is related to how much time the QB has to sit in the pocket and pick out receivers. Drew Tate and Drew Stanton were made to look extremely mediocre by constant pressure from OSU's defensive line.

We don't blitz much. We don't need to. It will be interesting to see how well Chad Henne can perform while he his coping with the likes of Quinn Pitcock and David Patterson running around in his backfield.

It will be interesting to see how Michael Hart adjusts to having to run around a defensive lineman before he even gets to the line of scrimmage.

Has Michigan faced a team yet this year with a good pass rush?

They will in November.

Planned changes to Big House released

Click here for planned changed to the Big House

Is Ohio stadium even in the top ten in capacity anymore?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Matthew Zemek of cfn.scout.com is a complete idiot

From his column today: "And as for Michigan, the Wolverines--while surviving Penn State, 17-10, the same score by which JoePa's team beat Ohio State in a major night game last season in Happy Valley--prevailed in State College only because Penn State's pop-gun offense still hasn't been able to progress at all. Michigan won by merely avoiding debilitating mistakes. Yes, it's a great win for Lloyd Carr's crew but it's also proof that the Maize and Blue is anything but a clear and authoritative number 2 on the eve of the release of the first BCS standings."

What a complete idiot! It's clear he didn't watch the game and is just commenting based on the score. He makes the point that OSU lost to Penn State last year by the same score. You would think that this would mean that Happy Valley is a very difficult place to win at night and on the road. It's true that Penn State's offense is not very good but their QB has made significant strides in the last few weeks. Penn State had 142 yards rushing against OSU in Columbus.

So we only won by avoiding debilitating mistakes, huh? What a joke! We won because our defense completely shut down Penn State and knocked out two of their quarterbacks. Heck, Musberger, Herbstreit and Davies were making the case that we had the best defense in the country and they were putting us at no. 2 if not no. 1.

What about winning without our top receiver? Is there any love? I'd like to see OSU go to Happy Valley right now and pull off a win. Good luck!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

OSU, Michigan common opponent stats

Against Penn State -

OSU allowed 142 yards rushing
Michigan allowed NONE - in fact, they took away 14 from Penn State

OSU had 2 sacks against Penn State
Michigan had 7 sacks against Penn State

OSU gave up 248 total yards to Penn State
Michigan gave up 186 total yards to Penn State

On offense OSU had time of possession of 25:10
Michigan had time of possession of 33:26

OSU threw two interceptions against Penn State
Michigan threw zero

Challenge to WSYX

For those of you not living in the Central Ohio area, consider yourself lucky. The local media are the biggest fn homers around. The biggest offender is Clay Hall and his chums at ABC affiliate WSYX. In the past, they would replay the OSU-UM game when OSU wins. This year, I dare them to replay the game after UM stomps OSU. I double dog dare them.

Ohio State would have lost to Penn State last night

Ohio State was lucky to face Penn State early in the season and in Columbus. If they would have played them in Happy Valley it would have been a repeat of last year. Morelli looked much more comfortable with a few more games under his belt and with the added bonus of playing in front of a frenzied home crowd. Surely, the win over Minnesota accounted for some of his newfound confidence. Add that Penn State's defense played even tougher then they did in Columbus and that equals a long night for OSU.

Ohio State should be very worried. Michigan won in a very hostile environment. I doubt Columbus can get that loud. Troy Smith will be having nightmares of Alan Branch coming at him. It could be painful. And it sure doesn't look like Smith will be able to run wild against Michigan ever again.

How about the emergence of Arrington? The injury to Manningham could spell triple trouble to OSU with Arrington, Breaston and Manningham back - it may be the best receiving corps in the country.

Do Smith's Heisman hopes end with a loss in Columbus in November?

According to the Michigan front seven - Hell, yes!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

For Michigan State to win, must expose OSU weakness

Having lost three in a row, it would seem that Michigan State has no chance against Ohio State on Saturday. But just hold the phone one second there. Penn State was able to run up the middle all day against Ohio State without any problems. Can Michigan State do the same? If there 260 pound back can start running with attitude, it could be a long day for Ohio State in East Lansing. Michigan State also has a lot to remember given last year's debacle at OSU. In a position to beat OSU, they botched a field goal attempt and pretty much mentally folded at that point. Can Sparty show signs of life? We'll soon know.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ugggghh! Manningham is out

Super Mario is out for at least the Penn State game, having had arthroscopic knee surgury on Tuesday. Let's hope he gets back in time for the Iowa game. Arrington will do well, and hopefully Breaston will step up to be more of a downfield threat. I'm pretty confident, however, that Michigan will still beat Penn State by at least 10 points.

Go Blue

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Iowa game time set

Game time for the Michigan vs. Iowa game on October 21st has been set for 3:30pm. The game will be televised by ABC.

Go Blue!

Al, let's try to limit ads to one per post.


Sunday, October 08, 2006


The UM-MSU game was never really in doubt. Michigan played with balance and dominated the line of scrimmage. However, the two second half touchdowns by MSU was a bit disconcerting. But give MSU credit for not completely laying down. It will be interesting to see how they play against OSU.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ohio State has a bye week and how will Michigan State Play

Looks like OSU has a bye week against Bowling Green. Life must be difficult for Buckeyes. Well another week where they can feel like they are on top of the world. It will all come crashing down soon enough.

What will Michigan State do this weekend? They are a wildcard team. I bet they get up for the game. Is Stanton back? How about their running back they lost against Illinois?