Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Arrington Charged

Okay, I admit it. I'm the first one to relish news of OSU player's legal problems. I'm disappointed to read about Arrington's recent domestic violence charge. I know we're all innocent until proven guilty, and his girlfriend says she didn't want to press charges. But damn, we're in the middle of a title hunt here. Oh well. I hope everything goes well for him Nov. 1. I expect he'll get off the charges as the girlfriend was the only witness and it sounds like she'll be a friendly witness. However, he'll probably be suspended for a game or two. Hope it's against one of the three patsies UM has up coming.


Lloyd Carr states that the facts do not support the allegations and stands by Arrington.


Blogger EEWillison said...

This is not the only problem with Mr. Arrington. Here is a quote from realfootball365.com at http://www.realfootball365.com/college/articles/2006/10/adrian-arrington-wolverines061006.html

"That [an injury to his ankle] sidelined him from September until late November, and then an "off-field issue" kept him off the plane to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl.

Strike two.

Further, Arrington's birthdate (according to ESPN.com at http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=160889) is November 7, 1985.

Doing the math reveals that on October 13, 2006, he was not yet 21 years old. Yet his girlfriend tells us that he was drunk at a bar and she did not want him to drive home.

Perhaps we can add underage drinking to the charges. Or, seeing as how this is Ann Arbor, perhaps not.

It just goes to show that the Jim Tressel adage: "Nothing good happens after 10:00 p.m." is largely correct.

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