Monday, October 23, 2006

OSU vs. Michigan predictions

 Ohio State will crush Michigan this year. Michigan will get some points, even going up by 10 in the first quarter, but once OSU's defense adjusts to what they are doing, they won't be able to do anything consistently from then on. 

   Michigan's defense, while good, will not be good enough. OSU has too many weapons and as Kirk Ferentz aptly put it:  "It's pick your poison time against those guys." Michigan will sneak in one last touchdown on a busted play after scoring their first ten points, but that will be it.

   OSU will enjoy good field position all day because Michigan cannot afford to kick it to Ginn.

   The score will be OSU 34, Michigan 17. Calls for Lloyd Carr's head will again rebound around Ann Arbor.

   That hot air expelled, my ideal game scenario will be OSU and Michigan as the only undefeated teams going into The Game. The temperature at The Game will be 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the game will be played in a blinding snow storm, and OSU will win 5 to 3. This will make everyone wonder what a "real" game would have been like, and Michigan will be selected to play OSU out in the Fiesta Bowl for the National Championship.

Very truly yours,

Eric E. Willison


Blogger Mike said...

Well of course OSU will beat Michigan again this year. Unlike OSU, Michigan players actually have to concern themselves with the academic requirements of a major university. One that has a national reputation as being one of the elite academic universities in the country.

OSU's admission requirements consist of a valid drivers license and a pulse. OSU has not had a legitimate student athlete since Craig Krenzel. Do you honestly think Troy Smith's attention is "diverted" by school work.


2:44 PM  
Blogger EEWillison said...

Actually, Troy Smith pays no attention to any undergraduate work as he has already graduated and is currently enrolled in grad school.

As for Craig Krenzel types, Antonio Smith, a walk-on who now starts at cornerback for OSU was just recently converted to a football scholarship. I use the term "converted" because he had been on an academic scholarship, with a 3.8 G.P.A. in engineering.

Tony Gonzales, starting wide receiver, is mentioned as a candidate to be a Rhodes Scholar, and has a 3.9 G.P.A. which is in keeping with his desire to go to law school at Stanford.


3:26 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I think you missed the obvious point I was making. A 3.8 at OSU is like saying I have a 3.8 at Columbus State University. Lets face it, you do not have the largest enrollment of any public university by being "selective" in your admission requirements.

The fact that Troy Smith is in graudate school further emphasizes OSU's reputation as a "solid second tier institution with a very good football program".

As for Gonzales, at least he is smart engough not to make the same mistake twice (assuming he can actually get into Stanford).

As soon as you win back to back National Championships and have back to back Heisman winners you can come to my party. Until then you are just like those poor OSU fans at the Iowa game. You have a ticket but you can not get in.


4:22 PM  
Blogger EEWillison said...

Sorry to have missed your point about USC being academically superior to OSU. It must be that inferior OSU education I received so many years ago.

You wrote that: "The fact that Troy Smith is in graudate school further emphasizes OSU's reputation as a "solid second tier institution with a very good football program"."

The word "graduate" was not correctly spelled above, perhaps a typo, but something for which we lost points on our papers at OSU.

Further, your closing line, "FIGHT ON TROJANS" is an example of incorrect usage. The proper usage would have been "FIGHT ON, TROJANS." if allcaps are required, or more properly "Fight on, Trojans." if they are not.

Missing a comma is not a big deal, but again, something for which we lost points at an academically inferior institution like OSU.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Good article by Matthew Zemek on coaching decisions in UCLA vs. Notre Dame, Iowa vs. Michigan and Texas vs. Nebraska games

5:32 PM  

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