Monday, October 16, 2006

Matthew Zemek of is a complete idiot

From his column today: "And as for Michigan, the Wolverines--while surviving Penn State, 17-10, the same score by which JoePa's team beat Ohio State in a major night game last season in Happy Valley--prevailed in State College only because Penn State's pop-gun offense still hasn't been able to progress at all. Michigan won by merely avoiding debilitating mistakes. Yes, it's a great win for Lloyd Carr's crew but it's also proof that the Maize and Blue is anything but a clear and authoritative number 2 on the eve of the release of the first BCS standings."

What a complete idiot! It's clear he didn't watch the game and is just commenting based on the score. He makes the point that OSU lost to Penn State last year by the same score. You would think that this would mean that Happy Valley is a very difficult place to win at night and on the road. It's true that Penn State's offense is not very good but their QB has made significant strides in the last few weeks. Penn State had 142 yards rushing against OSU in Columbus.

So we only won by avoiding debilitating mistakes, huh? What a joke! We won because our defense completely shut down Penn State and knocked out two of their quarterbacks. Heck, Musberger, Herbstreit and Davies were making the case that we had the best defense in the country and they were putting us at no. 2 if not no. 1.

What about winning without our top receiver? Is there any love? I'd like to see OSU go to Happy Valley right now and pull off a win. Good luck!


Blogger EEWillison said...

I agree that the fellow is not very wise. Comparing teams based upon common opponents doesn't make much sense. Teams are good for different reasons, and they beat people in different ways.

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