Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Greg Oden will announce that he's turning pro

Ohio State freshman, Greg Oden will announce that he is turning pro and forego his remaining eligibility at Ohio State. Having dominated at the collegiate level, he has nothing left to prove. The shot of winning a national title next year is too elusive to rely upon. Ohio State could have easily lost any of the games leading up to the national championship game. Next year could result in yet another (make that three) Gator disappointment if Florida's juniors remain on the team.

Word has it that Jim Tressel jinxed the basketball team by showing up to the national title game. Having already been blown out by the Gators just a couple months earlier, Tressel brought plenty of bad karma to the basketball Buckeyes.

OSU fans will undoubtedly protest vehemently that Oden has cheated them and the university out of his scholarship "obligation." Whatever. In the end, it boils down to what the fans want (not that any of them have the players' interests in mind anyway).