Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pete Fiutak of - complete idiot

Pete Fiutak of predicts Michigan to be the 2007 Notre Dame. Fiutak is as pro-Buckeye as you can get which explains why he misses the obvious choice for next year's 2007 Notre Dame - Ohio State. With patsies lining the schedule, OSU is set for a major implosion at season end. Nice try, Pete.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Script OShit

TBDBITL's halftime show was a bit modified at the BCS championship game.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Scott Woods of turns out to be Gator bait

Woods' predictions -

Prediction: In all likelihood, the game against the Gators will be Ginn's last as a Buckeye. Look for the speedy No. 7 to make NFL scouts drool in this one to the tune of eight receptions for 120 yards and two touchdowns - the second of which coming on a long-awaited kickoff return to the house.

He did get the kickoff right.

Prediction: Boone has proven to be the real deal and is destined for All-America status in the future, but Harvey is the type of end that will seriously test him. Look for the two stars to trade punches throughout the game, leading to an occasional Smith error that could keep the Gators close until the final gun.

Boone got crushed.

So who's it going to be? Chris Leak and Percy Harvin have big days, DeShawn Wynn is solid and the Gators... break the hearts of millions of Floridians after the OSU defense recovers just enough from their letdown against Michigan. Ted Ginn takes home the MVP and Troy Smith returns home only to be drafted by his hometown Browns. Sorry, Troy - at least your mantel's full. Ohio State 34, Florida 30.

Well he was pretty close, huh?


Am I happy that tOSU got whacked in the National Championship Game? Look up schadenfreude and you might get a clue of how I'm feeling.

Sour grapes? You betcha. But try living in Columbus after a OSU win over Michigan. Try living in Columbus after OSU wins the national championship.

Frauds finally revealed

No. 1 Scoring Defense in the country - Whatever!

Heisman trophy winner - yeah, right!

Superior coaching - completely outcoached tonight.

It gets better - great deal on Gator's sweater vest too!

I heard bowl packages were $3000 per person

Ouch! That had to hurt.

OSU fans already demanding that Tressel be fired

They're already out on the radio stations demanding that Cooper, err, Tressel be fired.

Fair weather indeed!

Comparing Smith to Vince Young

Quite a difference a year makes. Vince Young was incredible in beating USC last year. In comparison, Troy Smith turned out to be a dud. The only difference, Young didn't win the Heisman.

Did Ohio State even deserve to be in the national title game?

After the dust settled, it appears that the top two teams were USC and Florida, in that order. OSU played in a weak conference and, no doubt, felt that they were invincible. They learned quite differently tonight.

Bonehead coaching move of the last decade

It was over when . . .

Reeking with desperation, Tressel decides to pull a Cooper and go for it on 4 and 1 from his own 29. Florida stuffs Ohio State's vaunted rushing attack, scores a field goal and then a touchdown after a Troy Smith fumble.

Will Troy Smith fumble the Heisman trophy as well?

Folks, that was an ass whooping

It's sad to see UM and OSU falter so spectacularily in their last game. Kind of leaves a bad taste in an otherwise special season for both teams.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, I didn't see this one coming. FLA beating tOSU 34-14 at the half. So far, the buxs are playing very un-Tressel like. Too bad that didn't happen Oct. 18. praises Mallett

More praise for Ryan Mallett from


It's always tough to gauge who plays well in an all-star game, but here are three who shined:

Ryan Mallett: Showcased his unreal arm, which is the strongest among the 2007 quarterbacks. Also proved he can move a little outside of the pocket. Michigan is going to love this kid.

Will OSU v. Florida decide anything?

Outside of Columbus, Ohio and Gainesville, Florida, does anyone really care about tonight's game? Despite losing to UCLA, USC appears to be head and shoulders better than any other team in the country. OSU fans and media types look at the Michigan/USC game as proof that Michigan didn't deserve to be in the national championship game. Of course, they overlook the other side of the coin. Did USC?

Or maybe, we've already had our national championship game and it occurred at the Rose Bowl. OSU and USC both faced Michigan. All one must do is compare the winning margins to determine the better of the two.

If anything, tonight's "national championship" game will only further cement the notion that a playoff system is necessary.

The national champion was, after all, already crowned in Pasadena.

Ryan Mallett shines at the U.S Army All-American Bowl

Did anyone catch Ryan Mallett's performance at the U.S Army All-American Bowl on Saturday? All I can say is wow. This kid looks to be the real deal. Michigan will be in good hands once Henne graduates.

Scout says:

The story on offense for the West was clearly Mallett’s precision rifle passes. The more heralded Clausen started the contest, and had he his moments. He led the West on a 63-yard scoring drive on the opening possession to make the score 3-0. Then it was Mallett’s turn to hurl the pigskin. It didn’t take long for the 6-6, 240-lb. fireballer to show the record 35,151 fans in attendance and the millions watching on NBC just why the folks in Ann Arbor have been salivating over him the past few years.

Rivals says:

The Army Bowl did not reveal that Mallett is a great quarterback - we already knew that - it really showed just how great of a leader the Texas talent can be. The arm strength is unparalleled, probably by any quarterback coming out of high school ever, but the attitude and charisma is also very unique to the big kid with the huge arm.

See also the what the Texarkana Gazette says.

Monday, January 01, 2007


WTF was that?