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Ryan Mallett shines at the U.S Army All-American Bowl

Did anyone catch Ryan Mallett's performance at the U.S Army All-American Bowl on Saturday? All I can say is wow. This kid looks to be the real deal. Michigan will be in good hands once Henne graduates.

Scout says:

The story on offense for the West was clearly Mallett’s precision rifle passes. The more heralded Clausen started the contest, and had he his moments. He led the West on a 63-yard scoring drive on the opening possession to make the score 3-0. Then it was Mallett’s turn to hurl the pigskin. It didn’t take long for the 6-6, 240-lb. fireballer to show the record 35,151 fans in attendance and the millions watching on NBC just why the folks in Ann Arbor have been salivating over him the past few years.

Rivals says:

The Army Bowl did not reveal that Mallett is a great quarterback - we already knew that - it really showed just how great of a leader the Texas talent can be. The arm strength is unparalleled, probably by any quarterback coming out of high school ever, but the attitude and charisma is also very unique to the big kid with the huge arm.

See also the what the Texarkana Gazette says.


Blogger Andy said...

Alvin, don't you remember the foolish words of one Zieg from the past. If not, no problem, I'll quote him for you.

It's official.

Tomorrow, Justin Zwick of Massilon will be announcing his intent to play for
the Buckeyes. Zwick is a standout QB (apparantly one of country's best) who
has had scholorship offers from, among others, Tennesee and michigan. He
will be the first true QB star the Buckeyes have had since Germaine, who was
a Junior before even becoming a factor. And, certainly, the fist top
caliber Freshman QB the Bucks have landed in a long long time (remember that
guy who is now back in jail for gambling????? - Oh Well!).

His commitment will definitely affect the commitment of other young talent,
particularly in Ohio, and WRs will especially take note. That's why his
early commitment is such good news.


and more

Super quarterback Justin Zwick from Massillon Washington High School, 6-4,
205, who is one of the country's top QB prospects is going to formally
announce a decision at noon today. Zwick is expected to announce that he has
committed to Ohio State, picking Ohio State over Michigan as well as
Tennessee and Miami, all of whom also offered a scholarship. Zwick's press
conference is slated for 12:00 noon. Zwick is the top quarterback prospect
to come out of the state of Ohio since Art Schlister. He has excellent size,
a good arm, makes plays and is very productive. He is also an outstanding
student with a 3.9 GPA and a 23 on the ACT. He is already the most prolific
quarterback ever in the state of Ohio as he has already set the career state
passing mark with over 7,000 passing yards going in to his senior season. He
has a been a varsity starter since his freshman season when he helped lead
Orrville to a state championship.

Nope, hates baseball. You will hate him.

I wonder if he plays baseball.

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Blogger AAB said...


Yes, I do remember those prophetic words. My comments are, I believe, not as strong as Mike's. But there is hope. I watched the kid play on Saturday, and he was by far the best QB on the field. Much better than ND recruit Jimmy Clausen.

Go Blue.

What time are you going to bed tonight? I think I'll be asleep by 9 pm. What? Is there a game tonight?

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