Sunday, November 05, 2006

"A win is a win any which way you look at it." Or is it?

As poor as Michigan's second string looked against Ball State, Ohio State's first string offense looked even worse against Illinois. Illinois' defense held OSU to its fewest total yards, fewest passing yards and fewest points of the season.
Remember this is Illinois, a team that is 1-13 over the last two seasons! In addition, Illinois had 3 sacks against OSU's offensive line. It could be a long day for Trey against you know who. Trey Smith certainly didn't do anything to help his Heisman campaign. If anything, he backed up a few steps. Pittman looks extremely weak having just 58 yards on 32 carries for a measly 1.81 yards per carry average.

If OSU keeps looking ahead to Michigan, they may come out on the losing end against Northwestern next week.

Don't forget Buckeye fans, it was only in 2004 when OSU lost back to back to back against Iowa, Wisconsin, and Northwestern!
Oh October was never so sweet.


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