Monday, November 27, 2006

USC looks to be the better team

As I told Eric before the ND/USC game, I wasn't pinning any hopes on ND pulling out a victory to create a possible rematch. Although, there is the ever-present "luck of the Irish" factor, Notre Dame is clearly a second tier team. I'm still trying to figure out who their 5 first round draft picks are going to be this year. And if they do have 5 first rounders, why do they still suck? Maybe the pros see something they can develop in Quinn but I don't know who the other four first rounders are going to be. Don't count on the Bruins either, Alvin - you will be wasting your time (although they do have a better chance than ND).

USC is probably a better match up for Ohio State although almost all Buckeye fans are blind to it given their extreme over confidence and failure to see their own weaknesses. USC is a better match up not because they are a better team then Michigan (Michigan actually beat ND worse and at ND) but more so because they have an offensive minded coach. Michigan clearly has the weapons but really didn't effectively employ them against OSU. Carr is too conservative on offense. Even after shutting down Smith in the second half (even Smith was seen crying on the sidelines after fumbles and interceptions), Carr failed to go for the jugular despite the aforementioned turnovers. While Carr did open the offense up against OSU, you can't wait til the last game of the season to finally open it up and expect instant success. USC has had a consistent high powered offense and are used to scoring a lot of points. If you want to beat Ohio State, you need to sprint with them. USC is comfortable scoring a lot of points. What was their streak - 20 or more points in 60 some consecutive games.

Second key to beating OSU - get them off their home field. Obviously, the home field advantage played a major factor in the 3 point Michigan victory (which may indicate that on a neutral field a different result) and having played all their toughest opponents at home and given their extreme issues with Illinois on the road, OSU is definitely weaker on the road.

Third key - pressure Smith all game. When this was finally done consistently in the second half, Michigan shut out Smith and reduced him to pouting on the sidelines (some Heisman candidate). USC looks to have the defensive line to consistently put pressure on Smith as well as the defensive backs to lock down on OSU receivers, creating more time for their speed to catch Smith. And even if OSU scores a bunch, USC faces considerably less pressure on defense given their high scoring offense. USC has to put pressure on Smith from the start of the game. At halftime, Tressel knew that Michigan was coming back and that his spread offense wrinkle was finished, given his comments. USC can't let OSU get off to such a headstart.

USC needs to copy Michigan's plan on containing Ginn on kick/punt returns. Ginn was completely silenced on that account.

USC has faced the spread offense all season and OSU's little wrinkle should provide no surprise. OSU, in a concession that they have a mediocre running game, went to the spread against Michigan but in doing so tipped their hat. Tressel has nothing else up his sleeve so the element of surprise is gone.

USC has a huge advantage in playing 2 weeks later into the season. OSU will go over a month and a half without any game time conditions and experience considerable rust. If USC can jump on them quick, OSU may not be able to recover.

OSU's no. 1 scoring defense fraud was finally put to rest. If the conservative Michigan offense can put up 39 on them, USC should be able to put up 60+. OSU has shown a considerable weakness defending the run up the middle. That weakness will only be more pronounced when OSU spreads out to try to cover USC's receiving corps.

As predicted, the wraps on the center's and Smith's hands played a considerable role in the Michigan game. OSU needs to fix that by game day.

USC has more talent - with 3 of the top recruiting classes in the last four years, USC has the talent to beat OSU.

Carroll is a better coach than Tressel. Tressel is essentially a college football coach. Carroll has more of a pro football mentality, much like Spurrier. Carroll should have several wrinkles for OSU to deal with. I can't wait to see what they are.


Blogger Mike said...

The very basics on why USC is superior to the Ohio State Joke of a University.

1) Average SAT score for incoming freshman.

OSU: 1050
USC: 1390

2) Annual Tuition

OSU: $17,500
USC: $43,600

3) Disciplines ranked in the top 20 by Business Week bi-annual survey.

OSU: 2
USC: 7

You surely do not want me to get into the football side of the discussion.

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