Sunday, September 24, 2006

Michigan State: embarrassment to Big Ten

Don't believe the media - Brady Quinn did nothing noteworthy to save Notre Dame's pathetic football program nor to salvage his Heisman hopes. Michigan State and John L. Smith self-destructed in the final quarter to gift wrap this victory for the Irish. What MSU did was a complete embarrassment to the Big Ten. How do you come out and play another game after completely falling apart against Notre Dame? That whole team needs psychological counseling. The Spartans have zero mental toughness. Or perhaps, it was just John L. Smith's play calling at the end of the game that did them in. MSU can just pack it in for the rest of the year. Maybe they should just do themselves and the Big Ten a favor and end their football program altogether.

Now idiots like Lee Corso and Lou Holtz are claiming that Brady Quinn is back in the Heisman race and Notre Dame will run the table up to the USC game. Holtz went so far to say that Notre Dame would beat USC. ND will be lucky to beat Purdue next week at home. If anyone watched that game and thought that Notre Dame was a good football team, they must be fan-goggling. If I were a Notre Dame player, I would be ashamed to be celebrating that "victory." ND players did nothing to earn it. The sad thing is - they don't realize that.


Blogger Mike said...

You sound pretty bitter. Do not blame the media for hyping up Notre Dame. I agree MSU gave ND the game. I think your just a little bitter that Trussel owns Carr. Unfortunatley for Michigan, this year will be no different. GO TROJANS, FIGHT ON

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