Friday, October 20, 2006

Football is a game of match ups. But as the Pro Michigan posters above illustrate, some people don't understand what should be compared to what.

Mr. Borromeo has gone on record to opine that Michigan's receivers are better than OSU's. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. Some people are of the opinion that the world is flat.

But the question is not whose receivers are better, but how well they match up to the defensive secondary of the other team. Most of Manningham's tds have come when he got behind the corner. OSU's corners will be able to keep up.

Another function of how well a team's receivers play is related to how much time the QB has to sit in the pocket and pick out receivers. Drew Tate and Drew Stanton were made to look extremely mediocre by constant pressure from OSU's defensive line.

We don't blitz much. We don't need to. It will be interesting to see how well Chad Henne can perform while he his coping with the likes of Quinn Pitcock and David Patterson running around in his backfield.

It will be interesting to see how Michael Hart adjusts to having to run around a defensive lineman before he even gets to the line of scrimmage.

Has Michigan faced a team yet this year with a good pass rush?

They will in November.


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